VIDITY® for Consumers

How does VIDITY® work?

VIDITY is media bound, similar to the disc experience today. When you purchase a digital movie file from an authorized VIDITY™ retailer and download onto a VIDITY™ enabled storage device, the technology lets you play the movie immediately on any of your VIDITY enabled devices in the highest quality format available.  You can collect movies locally on a storage device or directly on your device and move your movie collection freely between your TV, smartphone, laptop, or tablet.

What is in a VIDITY Movie File?

A VIDITY movie file will have multiple formats available for playback in SD, low bit rate HD, High Bit Rate HD and the highest level format being 4K UHD with HDR. (Studio dependent)

What are the different playback levels available?

There are 3 levels of playback, depending on the device capabilities, in order to ensure a playback experience across devices. The lowest level of playback will support up to low bit rate HD (including SD); the next level will support high bit rate HD playback (Blu-ray quality) and with the highest level will support up to 4K UHD and HDR playback. Each 4K VIDITY title purchased will come with lower level quality file as well for playback on Non 4k capable devices (e.g., SD, HD)

What do I need to enjoy VIDITY?

In order to enjoy VIDITY, you will need to purchase a VIDITY compliant player device like a Smart TV, mobile phone, tablet or PC.  In order to store content, you will need VIDITY compliant storage, either on the device or on an external storage device.  You must purchase VIDITY compliant content from and authorized VIDITY retailer.

What is VIDITY Compliant?

VIDITY compliant refers to any storage device, consumer electronic playback device or content file that has been verified to meet the VIDITY compliance requirements.

Will legacy devices (Smart TV, mobile phone, PC or tablet) require updates to play the content?

Yes, downloading a player app is required to playback SD/HD

What does HDR mean?

The term HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. It provides expanded color, brightness and contrast.

What are the device requirements for VIDITY UHD with HDR playback?

You will need a UHD TV that is HDR capable and a VIDITY player that supports HDR.

Can I plug my VIDITY enabled storage to any device and play my VIDITY content?

You can only play VIDITY content using VIDITY player. You can however use a VIDITY storage device to store other content if you wish.

What is the difference between HD and 4k UHD?

4K UHD offers 4X higher resolution than standard HD due to a dramatic increase in the number of pixels. While standard HD has 1920 x 1080 pixels, 4K Ultra HD has a minimum 3840x 2160 pixels – more than 8 million pixels total.

Can I share my VIDITY Content?

Yes, you will be able to copy and move your content.

Will my movies and TV shows play in countries other than where I purchased them?

If you download a movie or TV show in your local region to a VIDITY storage device, you will be able to play it anywhere in the world. However, geographic restrictions may prevent you from obtaining additional downloads in a country different from where you originally bought the movie.

Will my VIDITY content expire?

No, VIDITY content does not expire. It is a movie file that you own and control, just like a disc. Discs don’t expire and neither does VIDITY content.

Do I need an account, username or password?

No, you do not need an account, username or password to playback your VIDITY content. You own them, located on your devices and playback is available without an Internet connection.

Where can I purchase new movies and TV shows?

You can purchase new movies and TV shows from any authorized VIDITY retailer.

Do I need to purchase all of my VIDITY movies from the same retailer?

No. Movies and TV shows you purchase from any participating VIDITY retailer can be added to your VIDITY Library.

If my retailer or streaming provider stops participating in VIDITY, what will happen to my movies?

Once you have purchased and downloaded your movie, you own them and do not have any need to be reliant on any retailer to enjoy your VIDITY content.

How do I create a Library?

Creating a VIDITY Library is easy. Simply download a movie from your VIDITY retailer and store on any device you own.

How do I add new purchases to my VIDITY Library?

You can easily add new movies and TV shows directly to your VIDITY Library as part of your purchase process on any VIDITY storage device you own.

Can I merge two separate VIDITY Libraries?

Yes. You can easily add new movies and TV shows directly to your VIDITY Library as part of your purchase process on any VIDITY storage device you own.

How much do VIDITY movies and TV shows cost?

Prices are set by the studios and retailers and will vary by title, just like they do for other formats such as DVD/BD. VIDITY does not set pricing.

I see movies available on my retailer’s website for purchase that are not listed as VIDITY. Why?

Not all movies and TV shows provided by a retailer are available as VIDITY enabled. To make sure you’re buying movies that are VIDITY enabled, look for the VIDITY logo.

What’s the difference between downloading and streaming?

Downloaded files can play even if you are not connected to the Internet, using a compatible player. Streaming movies and TV shows requires a high-speed Internet connection. VIDITY provides the best playback experience without being hostage to Internet challenges.

Will two or more people on the same home network be able to watch different shows at the same time? How about the same movie on different devices at the same time?

Yes, you can watch the same or different movies simultaneously across all your VIDITY devices.

How do I see my complete VIDITY Library, including items purchased from all retailers?

With VIDITY players, a DISCOVERY feature enables consumers to locate and playback all their VIDITY content on VIDITY enabled devices.

How do I find other VIDITY players in my home?

The VIDITY discovery feature helps you find any movie you own across the devices you own that are attached to your network.