VIDITY® for Business

What is? VIDITY

VIDITY is a new technology that gives you today’s best Digital HD (4K Ultra HD with HDR) movie ownership experience. A one-time purchase and download of your movie to a VIDITY enabled storage device ensures flawless playback, with or without an Internet connection, and across other devices. Compatible with multiple devices and complementary to existing digital entertainment platforms, there’s no need for additional accounts – sharing and managing your digital collection is easy and convenient.

How does VIDITY benefit the Technology Ecosystem?

VIDITY is platform agnostic, durable and future proof. Compatible with next generation devices (4K Ultra HD with HDR), through any platform that offers VIDITY playback. VIDITY bridges the complexities of interoperability and compatibility across devices. A standardized solution that takes advantage of technological advances in chipsets, operating systems and devices-from smartphones to tablets to computers to Smart TVs to create the best possible digital entertainment experiences, including 4K Ultra HD and HDR.

VIDITY is available to be licensed for companies in the consumer electronics, security, processor, storage, audio, content creation and retail distribution industries. Please visit the licensing page to apply for the adopter agreement.

How does VIDITY benefit Retailers?

With VIDITY, your customers can buy and enjoy the best in 4K Ultra HD and HDR content and high bit rate HD. VIDITY supports a wide range of sales and marketing opportunities for the launch of 4K Ultra HD with HDR. Adapts to online, cable/satellite, brick and mortar, kiosk and pre-loaded “click play” purchase models. VIDITY can be easily integrated and is complementary to all streaming platforms including Ultraviolet.

How does VIDITY benefit Studios/Content Providers?

VIDITY enables the 4K Ultra HD and HDR digital movie ownership experience. Protects and enhances value of premium digital files rendered in the highest qualities and makes content available at different quality levels (i.e. SD, High bit rate HD, 4K Ultra HD/HDR) and available via a range of purchase models (online, cable/satellite, brick and mortar). VIDITY enables new business models, such as hardware pre-load versatility (i.e., push model) for early window or instant day availability. Most importantly, it encourages digital content collection and drives Digital content sales while being complementary to streaming platforms like Ultraviolet.

How does VIDITY benefit the consumer?

VIDITY is simply the best digital movie experience for today and tomorrow. VIDITY is Premium, Portable and Personal.

Premium– Best 4K Ultra HD with HDR playback available for home. Playback is not bound by Internet connectivity requirements, works across devices and evolves with them to ensure the highest-quality viewing experience.

Portable– View content on Smart TV, computer or mobile on the go, play content on devices when on a home network or accessed through cloud services so everyone can enjoy, copy and share your Digital HD collection with family and friends.

Personal – Navigate your movie collection wherever it is stored – smartphones, tablets, computers or portable hard drives, no account restrictions, easily access your movies without a login.

With VIDITY™ the consumer is not bound by Internet connectivity requirements and can enjoy the highest-quality viewing experience across all compatible devices.

Will VIDITY run on all platforms?

The VIDITY technology is built to be enabled across all platforms. The SCSA membership includes partners that operate across all major platforms.

What is the SCSA?

The SCSA is an association of companies whose mission is to bring the highest quality digital experience to consumers. Founded by 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, SanDisk and Western Digital, the association includes leading companies in the consumer electronics, security, processor, storage, audio, and content (studios) industries. VIDITY is the branded technology developed by the SCSA.

How can I join the SCSA?

There are several opportunities to join the SCSA and be part of VIDITY. Below are some of the benefits that you may be able to experience.

Become an Adoptersee Licensing Page

  • License the VIDITY technology for your products; visit the Licensing Page to request an Adopter Agreement.

Become a Contributor – see Join SCSA page

  • $50,000 Annual Fee
  • Access to unpublished draft documentation, plans, information
  • Participation in Work Groups (WG) with leadership opportunities
  • Attendance at Working Group Meetings, Face to Face and other related meetings
  • Contribute to specifications, proposals and other work group items
  • Ability to make proposals
  • Access to internal documents and SCSA intranet
  • Access to WG chairs, members and SCSA internal executives

Become a Supporter – see Join SCSA page

  • $10,000 Annual Fee
  • Access to unpublished draft documentation and specifications that are in the final review period
  • Participate in consensus polls
  • Attendance to General Meetings (when applicable)
  • Ability to make proposals (by invite only)